The latest version of Windows 10, known as version 1809 (and codenamed Redstone 5,) comes with lots of new features and improvements to the OS and user experience.

This changelog features all the changes noted by Microsoft in release notes for Windows Insider Preview builds and has been updated to reflect what has made it into the final release accurately.

Windows 10 October 2018 Update feature list

Explore files and system settings

  • Screen Cortana larger, full of information and integrated with the Timeline
  • Dark theme for resource exploration (when I activate the general dark theme)
  • Safe removal of the video cards external, connected via Thunderbolt 3
  • Animation of notifications in the Action Center
  • Screen capture tool (Win + Shift + S) and management of screenshots rewritten from scratch
  • The Screen Sketch app  , the one for editing screenshots, is now separate
  • The stylus  (digital pen) can be configured to capture screenshots with one button
  • The Print Screen button can be used to quickly launch Screen Sketch
  • The copied notes can be managed via a tool that can be called with Win + V
  • The notes are synchronized between the Windows 10 devices connected to their Microsoft account
  • Three new modes for wireless projection : gaming, productivity and video
  • Redesigned game bar with an indicator of system performance
  • The Game Bar is a separate app
  • The search returns direct links to app downloads
  • The Windows Mixed Reality experience no longer requires an external monitor
  • In Windows Mixed Reality mode there is support for any cameras , to see what happens in the real world
  • The Memory Sensor can set files as “online only” to earn even more space
  • Support for the Emoji standard 11

Windows Settings

  • Bluetooth peripherals will now display their battery percentage within Settings.
  • Data Usage has been updated with roaming usage information.
  • You can now choose to keep your mouse centered on the screen when using the Magnifier tool.
  • Magnifier tool can now be incremented by 5 or 10 percent.
  • Focus Assist will now enable itself regardless of what game you’re playing.
  • Sound device properties have now been integrated into the Settings app.
  • Settings will now suggest common questions asked by users and present answers in the sidebar.
  • Settings now feature tips and suggestions on the home page.
  • You can now override default regional format settings such as Calendar, First day of the week, Dates, Times, and Currency.
  • SwiftKey now powers the on-screen and touch keyboards.
  • Typing insights are now available in the Settings app.
  • You can now make text size bigger separately from the overall display scaling options in Settings.
  • A new Windows HD color page is now available under Display Settings that let you configure HDR settings.
  • Windows now supports leap seconds.
  • Windows Update will now use machine learning to determine when to install and not install updates.

Microsoft Edge

  • Microsoft Edge now features a subtle drop shadow behind tabs.
  • The settings drop-down menu in Edge has been redesigned with icons for each option.
  • The Edge settings pane has been redesigned to look like the Hub area.
  • Edge can now control whether video is allowed to play on a webpage automatically.
  • Reading View now features more themes in Edge.
  • Reading View now features line focus that helps improve focus while reading an article.
  • Edge will now ask to save your card info when you fill out billing-related forms.
  • A new icon for PDFs is present.
  • The PDF reader has an updated toolbar with additional options including “add notes.”
  • You can now pin/unpin the toolbar at the top of the PDF document.
  • Your top sites in Edge are now listed in Edge’s jumplist menu.
  • Microsoft Edge now features Web Authentication APIs for logging into websites with Windows Hello.
  • You can now right click downloads in the download-pane to “show in folder.”
  • You can now configure media auto-play controls per site.
  • You can now look up definitions of words in Reading View, Books, and PDFs.
  • Edge now features new policies for IT administrators to configure.
  • The XSS filter has been retired.
  • Updated Microsoft Edge’s Hub to now have an acrylic navigation pane.
  • You can now refresh the Books pane in Microsoft Edge using a pull gesture.
  • When you pin books to Start from Microsoft Edge, you will now see a live tile that cycles between the book cover and your current completion progress.
  • When printing PDFs from Microsoft Edge, you’ll find a new option to choose the scale of your print out (Actual size, or Fit to page).
  • When you press F1 in Microsoft Edge, it will now take you to the Microsoft Edge support page, rather than Microsoft Edge tips.
  • When a tab in Microsoft Edge is playing audio, the volume icon in the tab will now light up when you hover your mouse over it.
  • When you open local files (like PDFs) in Microsoft Edge, those files will now appear in the History section.
  • Updated Microsoft Edge so that even if a tab is not actively playing audio, you will now be able to pre-emptively mute it from the context menu when right-clicking the tab.

System apps

  • “Your Phone” app is now present that syncs with your Android and iPhone to share photos, notifications, SMS conversations, and more.
  • You can now search in the Calendar app.
  • Windows Calculator now correctly calculates square roots for perfect squares.
  • Windows Defender Security Center has been renamed to “Windows Security” and now features Fluent Design.
  • Notepad now features Unix/Linus line endings (LF) and Macintosh line endings (CR.)
  • Wrap-around find/replace now available in Notepad.
  • You can now zoom in to text in Notepad.
  • Line numbers now work with word-wrap.
  • You can now right-click and “Search with Bing” text highlighted in Notepad.
  • Narrator’s scan mode now supports selecting content in Microsoft Edge, Word, Outlook, Mail, and most text surfaces.
  • Skype universal has been redesigned and updated with new features.
  • Task Manager now features “power usage” and “power usage trend” tabs.

The Windows 10 October 2018 Update is a free update for all Windows 10 PCs, and you can grab it by heading to Settings -> Update & security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates.

Microsoft has also made the updated Media Creation Tool available to download, which means you can create an ISO or USB stick with the October 2018 Update media.

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